My Traveling Skincare Routine

I’m currently on a road trip…like, literally riding in a car right now (more on my destination later!). I thought I would drop a quick line about my skincare regimen when I travel. I don’t like taking a lot of stuff on vacation, so I keep my cleansing routine minimal.

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Pamela Moyer
Herbalism: Strong Medicine

Not gonna lie...I'm taking a course in Herbalism. I'm geeking out in all of this awesome new info. I started this course thinking..."Okay, so like, I KNOW about herbs and stuff, I can just buff up my knowledge so I can share it with the public with a little authority, right?" But wow. Wow. There is SO MUCH I didn't know, or really understand about the study itself, let alone the vast catalog of herbs, their preparations and applications, and so forth. Mother Nature...I see you, gurl.

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